You want to download the FIFA 20 hack for the PS4, Xbox One and PC? Good news, you don’t need to. Let us bring some light into the darkness and explain why it isn’t necessary to download the latest version of the FIFA 20 coin generator.

No download necessary

Before we offered the FIFA 20 coins hack and previous version of the tool on our website, but we got many messages and comments full of questions. Some people asks us why it wouldn’t work. Others were afraid they could get a virus. Some others were complaining it can’t work on their smartphone. Its true; The FIFA 20 hack only worked on a Microsoft PC. It was an .exe file which you had to download on your computer. It wasnt an .apk for Android. The only way to get it running was through your computer. Before you had to install it and run it on your PC. It was not user-friendly at all.


Bugs, glitches and manual updates

Another big problem were the updates.  User had to manually update it almost every single time. This was quite tiring and many user thought the FIFA 20 coins hack wouldn’t work, but actually the only problem was they didn’t have the latest version installed. Since there were so many problems we decide to work on a different solution. We started to work on an online FIFA 20 coin generator.

Also because not everyone had the same driver, operating systems etc. some people simply couldn’t use the offline hack. When someone didn’t have Java installed or their firewall blocked connections. There were so many problems. This came all to an end, when we started publishing the online generator. Now it is much easier, faster and way more reliable than before.

What is the online generator?

Instead of downloading the hack you can use the online FIFA 20 coin generator, which is available in several different languages. Run it on your computer, smartphone or tablet. We got it here on our website. For using it you won’t need to download any file also you don’t need to install anything. Its by far the best solution to cheat and hack FIFA 20, because its safe. Don’t forget to check out our other cheats for FUT 20 as well.

Here is a tutorial on how to use the online hack

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